Week 6: Working on the Boat & Family Time

Allan has been hard at work on Vinyasa this week, chalking up wins despite the gusts rocking our boat. A highlight? After four trips up the mast our wind data is displaying again!

Allan atop the mast in St. Augustine
Between wind and wakes, this was Allan’s most challenging trip up Vinyasa’s mast. By chance, a boat we knew from Herrington Harbour North had moored near us the night before, and they shared this photo.

While moored in St. Augustine, we decided to add three lithium batteries to our six battery bank, as delivery from Nevada would only be more difficult and expensive once we leave the U.S.

Allan also began isolating Vinyasa’s starter battery from the house bank, a task that has risen to the top of the “to do” list and which like most boat projects, is turning out to be a bit more time consuming than expected.

In a fortuitous “small world” moment, Jeff Cohen walked in to a nearby shipping store while we were picking up our batteries.

We met Jeff in October, when he demonstrated above and beyond customer service and delivered a set of Pirate Lights while we were moored in Annapolis.

Batteries coming out if car trunk
Cruising is a small and generous community.

This week, Jeff generously drove us and our new batteries from the shipping store to the marina.

It wasn’t all work and no play, though. We thoroughly enjoyed a visit from one of Allan’s sisters and a beloved niece. A delicious brunch at O.C. White’s, touring the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum, and strolling through the Night of Lights display rounded out our day together.

Family on dinghy ride
On a family dinghy ride to the St. Augustine Lighthouse.
A pair of dolphins near the lighthouse
We loved seeing this pair of dolphins as we dinghied to the St. Augustine lighthouse.
Lavonne and Allan at the St. Augustine lighthouse.
We see its swinging beam of light at our anchorage each night, so it was fun to be up close to the lighthouse on a Sunday afternoon.

Stormy weather, wrapping up in-progress projects and the pending delivery of a water maker hose will keep us in St. Augustine for another week or so.

Wishing a merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

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  1. Merry Christmas from At Ease, still lying Cape Coral, waiting for weather to abate so we can head on down to the Keys. That shot of Allan atop the mast sent shivers down my spine!

    1. Lots of wind and rain here this past week. Looking forward to warmer days ahead, and hoping to catch up with you two in person soon!

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