Vinyasa is Home: Smith Creek to Deale on the Chesapeake Bay

Our anchorage at Smith Creek kept us well protected overnight. We lifted anchor at 7:15 am, and fought the Potomac River’s current for a few miles to make it back into the Chesapeake Bay. The wind was blowing 20-23 knots & we motor-sailed along on a beam reach with a reefed mainsail.

In the cabin below, some rolling lemons and flying chart books were a reminder to secure things well even when we aren’t expecting rough seas…

Our informal “buddy” boat

The sailboat that had shared our anchorage left right before us, and we tailed them out through the mouth of the Potomac.

With following seas, our speed picked up to 7.6 knots, our ride became slightly more comfortable & we soon left our informal “buddy” boat behind us.

Allan was ready to arrive!

We were looking forward to pulling into “our” marina today!

We’ve learned so much on this trip, including how much we dislike adhering to a sailing schedule. We’ve been fortunate that our weather delays weren’t more severe, and we are keenly aware that our extended leave from work left colleagues picking up more of our slack than they – or we – would have preferred.

Today we were also monitoring Hurricane Irma’s track toward Puerto Rico, calling family and friends when we had a cell signal. Sending “stay safe” thoughts to them & to all in the storm’s path in the Caribbean, Florida… wherever else it may impact lives…

Severe weather concerns notwithstanding, wrapping up this 1,019 mile trip was so satisfying. After we docked we kept saying, “yay, we did it!!!”

Thank you, Sarah, Richard, Stuart, Liz, Behan, Jamie, Linda, Lucy, David, and Mike for your help along the way!

A partial view of a winterization list…

Tomorrow we dive into a whirlwind of winterization, cleaning, and emptying the boat, to get her ready for haul-out before we fly back to Denver this weekend.

We can’t wait to be living aboard & sailing next summer: simply sailing for the pleasure of working with the wind and being on the water, rather than pressing relentlessly to get from one place to another.

Just thinking about it, brings big smiles!

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  1. What a pleasure to read your blog! Thank you for sharing your adventure! Exciting, scary, wild. Love to you both!

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