On our mark, set…

We’re poised on a precipice, or a wave if you will. Almost ready to cast off our docklines, but recent additions to our “must-do-before-we-leave” list are holding us in place for a few more days.

With the end of hurricane season within sight, the annual Fall cruiser migration south is underway. Some will go offshore from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, others, as we intend to do, will head south via the Intracoastal Waterway or ICW, and hop offshore from the Carolinas or even further south.

A lovely family on our dock set sail yesterday, Caribbean bound. Hearing their shouted goodbyes to Allan left a lump in my throat.

Leaving Herrington Harbour North is bittersweet. After 18 months, it feels like home and we will be nomads without any land base for the foreseeable future. So how cool is it to have recently become friends with cruisers whose blog is called SOBAD Nomad?

Behan Gifford describes cruising friendships beautifully, and thanks to the Totem Raft Up group she and Jamie have cultivated with great care, our circle of cruising friends is steadily growing.

It was so much fun to have Donna and Carl stay onboard Vinyasa during the Annapolis Boat Show, when we moored on Spa Creek.

They often develop more quickly than on land, and resume unexpectedly far from where you originally met. That’s what I tell myself every time one of our dockmates leave or when we say goodbyes out and about on the water.

Enough about the past…what remains to be done for us to go?

We have three pending vendor jobs, which will hopefully be completed this week.

Allan has been hard at work on boat projects since he retired in August. He is wiring up two new lithium batteries (and muttering under his breath) as I write.

Still pending on his list is wiring our IridiumGo’s antenna, connecting two new solar panels, and adjusting our anchor chain, plus a few other tasks.

Allan aims to attach the various components of our new CruiseRO water-maker to the boat before we leave, and complete the plumbing while we cruise. Getting them into place requires much boat yoga, as do most projects on our boat.

We also must empty out our shed here at the marina, and find places to stow all of the items that have been dislodged by our various projects, as well as our food provisions and new spares. Good thing there’s a free cycle bin on the grounds.

I’ll coordinate the final car sale, inventory items as they are stowed, and continue to research our route and monitor the weather.

The list by turns feels daunting and doable within a week or so.

We’ll leave when we’re “ready enough” and we’ll finish some projects as we cruise. As the old saying goes, cruising is working on your boat in exotic locations!

10 thoughts on “On our mark, set…”

  1. Wonderful article! Thanks for the mention! Be sure to keep us posted on your departure date so we can wave so long (this time it will be me with a lump in my throat) and if there is anything we can do to assist, please let me know!

  2. Oooh I love the “ready ENOUGH” – what a great way to describe it! Let us know if you’ll be in Deltaville later this fall, as we’re likely to be hanging out there working like fiends on Calypso starting the 9th of November.

    1. Nica, I’ll be certain to let you know if we stop in Deltaville. It would be great to see you there!

  3. Excited for you guys….your 440 will take good care of you. Thank you for letting us come along by blog!!!

    1. We wouldn’t be at this point without the benefit of your wisdom, Behan! Thank you, thank you!

  4. So very excited for you!! Many adventures await and i am looking forward to hearing all about them!

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