Week 8: Full Circle to Ft. Lauderdale

Sailing into Fort Lauderdale on Jan. 1 brought us full circle, as this is where we took ownership of Vinyasa three years ago.

Our mission: fix Vinyasa’s radar, plumb and wire the watermaker, and buy some final spare parts.

We didn’t expect holiday rush hour madness entering Fort Lauderdale. Now we know!

We reached out to Richard Jordan, the broker who helped us buy Vinyasa, who recommended Ivan Seago, a salty South African marine mechanic and captain who quickly resolved the radar issue. Getting the watermaker plumbed and wired with Allan’s assistance has spanned two days, a joint foray to McDonald Hardware for plumbing bits, and an ongoing quest to locate two high pressure couplings. Work will continue tomorrow.

Work underway on Vinyasa
Allan and Ivan finding ways to plumb and wire our CruiseRO watermaker.

Anchorage options in Fort Lauderdale are limited and finding a slip challenging. We’ve paid our highest dockage so far for our stay at Bahia Mar Marina, while trying to find a less expensive alternative. Whining aside, the convenience of being at a dock to procure parts for the watermaker project is worth the premium.

VanDutch with many Dior stamped on its hull
A VanDutch with a Dior wrap…not our usual kind of dock mate.

Sitting in the cockpit this afternoon, I was approached by a friendly, young French couple “traveling the world, looking for a boat headed to the Bahamas or the Caribbean” in need of crew, and might that match our plans?

I smiled, shook my head and wished them luck with their search.

I’d heard about people walking the docks in other countries seeking rides, but wasn’t expecting to be hit up in the U.S. Maybe my feelings will change with time, but I don’t feel comfortable going to sea on our boat with strangers!

If we can wrap up our projects by Monday and the weather cooperates, we might have a brief window for crossing to the Bahamas on Tuesday.

This time of year, weeks can pass between windows, so look for more about our getting to our first foreign country – or further exploring Florida’s waters in our next post.

New Year’s Eve boat yoga
New Year’s Eve boat yoga In West Palm Beach, setting an intention for 2020.

6 thoughts on “Week 8: Full Circle to Ft. Lauderdale”

  1. Thank you 2 for vicarious joy in the new year- we would not ever have been able to make your voyage – but at this point in our health timeline it is a special gift to be a voyeur to your adventure. Happy new year and best thoughts for you on the sea! Love, Bobbi

    1. Bobbi,

      Thanks for the kind feedback and for reading.

      Wishing you and Stan all the best in this new year!


  2. I think that you’d like the Marathon scene better than Fort Lauderdale! Lots of cruisers, and no Dior-wrapped boats that I have seen so far.

    We are enjoying the chance to kick back for a few months, before we head over to the Bahamas ourselves, later in the spring. There’s definitely a different vibe here in the Keys than the rest of Florida.

    We look forward to following your continuing adventures.

    Ben & Chantale
    m/v At Ease
    Lying Marathon, FL

    1. Ben,

      We’ve been anchored out for the past two days. Current plan – always very fluid! – is to depart around 4 am tomorrow for Great Harbour Cay Marina in the Berrys and pull in there soon after dawn on Wednesday, Jan. 8th. Then we’ll sit tight to wait out some weather before inching on toward the Exumas.

      Enjoy your time in the Keys! Spending a few months in one place sounds pretty sweet 🙂

  3. Agree with the FB comment “the young french couple” sounds like the beginning of a scary movie!! I’ve watched WAY too many of those!!!

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