Week 21: Riviera Beach to St. Augustine

When we left St. Augustine in late December we never imagined we’d be back so soon, and even less so that we would return seeking safe harbor during a global pandemic.

Departing Riviera Beach Municipal Marina on Monday, we toyed with the idea of taking it slow up the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) but before the day ended news headlines had persuaded us to buckle down and get to St. Augustine as quickly as we could.

The Jupiter Lighthouse had us reminiscing fondly about Capt. Tanja Koster, with whom we parted ways in Riviera Beach.

We made it to Ft. Pierce in fading daylight on Monday, and pressed on to Cocoa on Tuesday. Our first manatee sighting brightened our day, as did frequent dolphin sightings.

A gorgeous sunrise in Ft. Pierce. There’s a saying, “red sky at dawn, sailors be warned”…good thing we were heading up the ICW and not out to sea.

On Wednesday, we anchored a few yards off the ICW in Daytona, and yesterday we tied up to a mooring ball in the far reaches of the St. Augustine mooring field, a few hours prior to Florida’s “stay-at-home” order taking effect.

Maybe the “stay-at-home” rule would have impacted our transit, maybe it wouldn’t; we much preferred being where we aim to stay for the duration before the lockdown started.

To get here, we went under or through 37 bridges on the ICW rather than wait for a good weather window to sail up the coast.

The Haulover Canal bascule bridge opening as we approached.
Only one span was opening on Daytona’s Main Street bridge when we went through.

Seeing shorebirds, egrets and pelicans carrying on around us on the water was akin to seeing old friends, during simpler, easier times.

Pelicans sunning on rocks along the ICW.

With humans, we are being diligent about social distancing. Who would have thought we’d be connecting “virtually” for sundowners when our boats are in the same marina?

Minor complaints aside, we appreciate our good fortune. We plan to stay in St. Augustine until “stay-at-home” travel restrictions are eased here and elsewhere. Wishing all good health and happiness, wherever you are.

6 thoughts on “Week 21: Riviera Beach to St. Augustine”

  1. Good Morning from Long Island … It is incredible when I look at the world from the day I met you, a bit over a month ago, until now. We all are transiting through uncharted waters, and none of us know what is next.

    How fortunate we are to have met you and to have shared our island life with you. Stay safe, enjoy each other, and keep in contact.

    And, by the way….awesome shot of the Jupiter Lighthouse…it gave me goosebumps!

  2. Susan,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read and to comment, and most of all for your generosity towards us on Long Island!

    I have such fond memories of the time we spent with you at the Junior Regatta and at your Equinox gathering. The latter was the last time we “hung out” with a small group. Very much looking forward to the day when similar gatherings can once again take place.

    Sending a big virtual hug your way,

  3. We are so glad y’all made it to St. Augustine a little earlier than planned, despite the reason! This seems like a very boater friendly place and is downright placid these days! We look forward to virtual happy hours and waves from the dock until the danger passes!

    1. Melody,

      It was so very nice to “see” you on my screen tonight!

      Looking forward to future hours, whether virtual or IRL 😉


  4. Enjoyed our virtual sundowners with you from Marathon. Look forward to more before we make it to St Augustine on our way north.

    Ben & Chantale
    At Ease

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