We Are Liveaboards!

ANNAPOLIS, MD – This rainy morning we checked out of our hotel and loaded up the car with whatever had not already made its way onto the boat since she splashed on Thursday.

Feelings running strong: excitement and anticipation, tempered by the occassional dash of exhaustion or dollop of overwhelm.

We head to our office jobs tomorrow, so we are striving to wrap up as many boat projects as we can today. Tops on Allan’s long list are finishing dewinterizing and sanitizing the water tanks, testing the bilge pump, installing CO2 and smoke detectors, as well as adjusting (or replacing) a propane tank fitting. Of course on a boat, tasks often take longer than anticipated…so something(s) may need to wait for another day.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to stow and log items’ locations. I’m using the ShipShape app for this crucial task, attempting to avoid the dreaded situation where you KNOW something is on the boat, but can’t quickly lay hands on it. Thinking ahead to the delivery of household goods coming our way on Friday, I envision a good number of trips to Goodwill. I doubt there will be enough room onboard or in our storage units for everything that’s coming. We knew that would likely happen, but in the final days of downsizing in Colorado, we opted to leave the fate of items “in doubt” to be decided on this end.

The sound of rain on our bimini is steady as we work below deck. We lucked out this week when Canvas Connection made a quick repair that allowed us to put the bimini back on Vinyasa before the forecasted storm rolled in. So very grateful for that, as we start this new chapter.