Making Vinyasa “Our Own”

A gorgeous, fuschia sky was the perfect way to cap two long days getting Vinyasa ready to sail north.

When we landed around noon yesterday, it was a sweltering 92 degrees in Fort Lauderdale with the “feels like” gauge at 101…

We spent a sweaty hour or so figuring out an electrical issue that was preventing Vinyasa’s AC from powering up, and then after Allan finally got it started, the boat wasn’t cooling off as expected. Fortunately, the day before we arrived our broker had arranged to move Vinyasa to Lauderdale Marine Center. LMC is huge – they claim to be the country’s largest yacht repair lot/marina – and a quick phone call with their contractor coordinator yielded the phone numbers for two vendors, who might be able to help. The first we called said they’d see if any of their techs was willing to come out Saturday morning, and get back to us. The second, said they were booked three weeks out, but added we might get lucky if a job was cancelled or bumped at the last minute, since we were on site. In the meantime, the first company called back to say their tech could come at 9:30 am this morning.

Ronnie, our friendly AC tech, showed up at the promised time and delivered a diagnosis (bad controller panel; we thought it might have been a low refreigerant issue) and where we can try to buy the part on Monday morning (Beard Marine, not too far away).

The rest of the day flew by between cleaning, tossing, organizing, and making trips to Home Depot, West Marine, etc. All part of the process of making our new boat “our own.”

Tomorrow and Monday we’ll keep working through our list, and weather permitting, we’ll start our sail to Maryland Tuesday morning.