Everything Takes Longer on a Boat

Deale, MD – We’ve been living aboard for a full week, and each day has been jam-packed FULL.

There have been the expected (and unexpected) “boat projects” or “BPs,” adjusting to lengthy new work commutes and schedules while trying to finesse around traffic.

On more than one evening every muscle in our bodies has ached from the non-stop activity, yet there have been many moments of joy. We remind ourselves to pause and appreciate where we’re at after planning, plotting, and saving so intently to get here.

We enjoy the gentle rocking of the boat, the reflection of dawn and dusk light, the warble of birds in the marshes and the sudden plops in the water signaling the presence of fish, crabs or maybe frogs? I’ve yet to figure that sound out.

And we keep telling ourselves “EVERYTHING takes longer on a boat.” Especially while we are refining our new daily routines while also tackling the BP list, chief among them this past week:

  • Restitching the sacrificial trim on Vinyasa’s jib thanks to coaching from Jamie Gifford of Sailing Totem and a “loaned” Sailrite and an extremely kind friend’s assistance.
  • Getting our new Mantus anchor installed (and then realizing further adjustments may be needed to use it, so taking it off and re-installing the old anchor has earned a top spot on the boat projects to do list.
  • Stowing and logging our belongings in Vinyasa’s locker spaces, with galley items being the most challenging to accommodate. Unsecured items must be stowed before we can sail, and Allan would love to get out on the Bay this upcoming weekend…so we are working towards that goal.

I started writing this post on my phone, from a commuter bus, as it crawled along a highway, and I’m finishing it as the day winds down onboard.

Everything takes longer on a boat 😉