Easing Our Way Into Cruising

Annapolis, MD – Vinyasa has been tied to a mooring ball here since Monday, a first for us.

Vinyasa in Annapolis’ Truxton Park mooring field, and our dinghy tied up ashore.

As soon as we secured the bridle and paid for the mooring ball over the phone, we lowered the dinghy to head to shore to Uber Allan to an emergency room.

One of Allan’s elbows was painful and swollen and he wasn’t feeling well. We suspected an adverse reaction to a small, elusive sliver of glass he’d had in a thumb for the past 10 days.

The ER doctor took X-rays, prescribed antibiotics and referred him to an ortho specialist who could remove the glass using special equipment, as it was too small for her to remove.

Two days later, we Ubered back to the medical center for that procedure, and learned the two issues were not related, and it’s best to let them both be unless other problems emerge.

In the meantime, we have been jokingly easing into living as cruisers, noticing the ways that being tethered to a mooring ball surrounded by a city is different than living at a marina, as we have done for the past 16 months.

These include:

  • Relying on the sun and the wind for our electricity, instead of plugging into shore power. This means no AC, and no hot water unless we choose to crank up the generator. So far, we haven’t.
  • Replenishing our water tanks with jerry cans instead of connecting a hose to the spigot on our dock – or getting water from our soon-to-installed water-maker, which we likely would not run in this anchorage given the water quality.
  • Dropping off trash via dinghy rides rather than walks down the dock. Likewise, going for walks require dinghy rides to shore.
  • Identifying the closest places for needs (drug store, grocery store, hardware) and wants (restaurants, ice cream shops).

Our biggest change is the shift away from office jobs to the freedom of slowing down for leisurely chats, exploring our new surroundings or working on boat projects.

And so we’ll spend the upcoming days before we attend our second Cruisers University next Monday. We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones there!

Sunset on Spa Creek.