Celebrating Our First Liveaboard Anniversary

One year ago today, we moved onboard. Gorgeous sunrises, a hardy blue heron, and a frolicking beaver have brightened our days on the dock, and mitigated our commutes.

Sunrise at a marina
A May sunrise promises warm days ahead.

Winter gales have tested our lines, and fueled our dreams of sailing south.

February mornings on the dock test one’s fortitude and resolve.

The cruising and boating communities are known for their generosity. Borrowing and lending tools – or proffering a helping hand – is more often the norm and not the exception, and has fostered friendships we’ve come to treasure.

We also made strides on our outfitting thanks to knowledgeable, responsive vendors: new sails via Jamie Gifford, new davits manufactured by Kato Marine, and a new auxiliary heater installed by Annapolis Cruisair.

Sailboat at anchor
Vinyasa anchored in a cove off the Chesapeake.

And of course we’ve had plenty of challenges: boat projects are rarely easy, simple, or swift. As soon as one item on the list is scratched off, two more take its place. All of this while giving each other literal and emotional space in tight quarters, and finding the best places to stow the necessities of life aboard and jobs on land.

What else?

A fender board is a handy device.

Wintering aboard where it snows wasn’t as hard as we feared it would be, but we’d rather not repeat it.

When something suddenly stops working without any warning (a set of cabin lights one time, the windlass another time)…make sure a hidden button or switch wasn’t inadvertently pressed or tripped. On each of these, it took us a few days to identify the culprit after expending a lot of energy elsewhere.

Our ultimate takeaways from Year One?

Always be kind. Laugh often. Repeat as a mantra “we’re learning our boat!”

An August sail on the Chesapeake.

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