And We’re Off!

My iPhone alarm rang at 2:45 this morning, and two hours later Allan was reversing Vinyasa down our fairway at Herrington Harbour Norrth.

The temperature? “29 degrees but feels like 25,” according to the Weather Channel.

After years of planning, months of intensive preparations and lots of work on Allan’s behalf, we were ready to finally start cruising and exploring whichever destinations call our names. And more than ready to start making our way to warmer places.

Allan wearing foulies over a puff coat, snow pants and thermals.
Allan wearing about five layers to ward off the cold.

Gusty winds have been blowing water out of the bay, and yesterday Vinyasa’s keel rested in the mud most of the day. Waiting for this afternoon’s high tide wouldn’t have allowed enough daylight to reach tonight’s Solomon Island anchorage, hence the 0 Dark 30 start to our day.

We motored in darkness to drop anchor in Herring Bay, rest up a bit, and await daylight to better dodge crab pots along the way.

Gale force winds are forecast for next week, so we’ll skip down the bay as best we can today, tomorrow and maybe Monday, seeking well-protected anchorages before darkness falls, and staying put on stormy days.

Seagulls swarming above the water.
This flock was feasting as we motored by around noon.

We were happy to follow an old track and drop our anchor in Spring Pancake cove in Solomons Island. The first of hopefully many nights anchored somewhere serene on our beloved boat.

Water view with fall foliage.
The serene view from Pancake Springs.

18 thoughts on “And We’re Off!”

  1. Awesome! Congratulations to you two, and we will watch to see if you can keep your blog up better than we have. (LOL)

    We have made it down the inland rivers (the final couple hundred miles with rivers in flood stage ), and out into Mobile Bay and now started down the GIWW to stage for our Gulf crossing to Tarpon Springs.

    Brown pelicans and dolphins alongside – yay!

    Stay safe!

    Ben & Chantale
    m/v At Ease

    1. Thought of you two often during the final crazy days before we finally shoved off. You role modeled getting it done, and following your blog has provided much inspiration. Love, love, love the thought of the dolphins and pelicans cavorting near At Ease!

      Hoping our wakes cross in 2020!

  2. Please have a great adventure.
    Gail, Dewey and I are happy for you, and wish you fair winds and following seas.
    Please keep ahead of the cold weather in Maryland. It was 21 degrees this AM and predicted to get worse later this week.

    1. John, thanks for reading and for the kind thoughts!

      It was 32 degrees when we hoisted anchor this morning, but it doesn’t feel as bitterly cold in the cockpit (yet!) give we’re motorsailing with very light winds. Aiming for Phoebus/Old Point Comfort anchorage tonight, with the intention of moving into a slip in Portsmouth to ride out this weekend’s stormy weather. Verrrry much looking forward to escaping the cold one of these days!

      Lavonne & Allan

  3. I will miss seeing you on I-dock but that’s ok I’ll follow you along your life journey…thank you for blogging

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